What Online Appointment Scheduling Software is and Its Benefits

As the New Year is approaching and with coronavirus still here, service providers and businesses globally are improving their strategies to stay afloat.

After the end of the year shenanigans and holidays, there will be a great chance that the footfall of customers may increase as many demands have been placed on hold for these events.

At the same, there is a need to maintain high safety standards and social distancing as the risks of Covid-19 remains high.

This is a great challenge and one which requires proper planning. Among the solutions to deal with this challenge is to stay remote with all those business meetings, utilizing online scheduling and appointment reminder software to manage the journeys of customers.

What is Online Appointment Scheduling Software?

Also referred to as a web-based appointment system, it is a digital solution that enables you to cancel, book, or schedule appointments and further reminds all parties to attend those appointments.

You can integrate this technology with other CRM and web tools to make it available 24/7 while ensuring the continuity of good services.

It is also often capable of capturing statistics of scheduling, allowing you to: 

  • Track your leads and communications
  • Streamline your provision of services
  • Improve customer-business relationships

How Online Appointment Scheduling Works

Online appointment scheduling reduces wait times by enabling your clients to schedule and check-in virtually, while receiving appointment updates via SMS.

These updates allow your customers to continue working or stay at home until their appointment time is near.


Today, appointment booking software is almost always online and offered as a SaaS (web-based “Software as a Service” system) or desktop application. Third-party providers offer SaaS as a hosted solution. The best thing about SaaS is that customers will have booking convenience to even book their appointments over the web.

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On the other hand, desktop applications are installed and licensed on the hardware of the user. Usually, these systems have stronger features and can easily be customized for a business allowing for website widgets so that people can still seamlessly utilize that type of scheduler.


When exploring different software options for online appointment scheduling, you need to consider various features, like settings,  a booking page, and follow-ups.

Online appointment booking software allows you to set the available working hours while blocking days off when you may not be available.

Good software should also offer an individual booking page where customers may schedule appointments with your team members depending on their availability. 

It can be a bonus when your software enables you to customize text messages, and images. Apart from the booking page and settings, other features to look at include:

  • Automatic reminders and notifications
  • Calendar sync
  • Rescheduling and cancelling

Advantages of Using Scheduling Software

As an entrepreneur, you have many tasks and responsibilities vying for your attention. Appointment schedule software may streamline different processes and provide many other benefits.

One of the benefits of using these software services is improved efficiency. With appointment scheduling software, you will exchange back-and-forth emails with your customers.

Apart from that, you could integrate your scheduling software with payment systems, making it simple to get paid for your services. With it, you may also request payment in advance, after an appointment, or immediately while having a meeting.

In Conclusion!

Most businesses depend on appointments to generate revenue. However, if your business still makes appointments over the phone, it means you are hemorrhaging important resources.

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After all, many customers want to make appointments online. So, make it a priority to start using appointment booking software and enjoy the benefits that come with it.