The Benefits of Building a Metal Garage on Your Property

Is your current garage looking old and shabby? Whether you’re preparing to replace a garage or build one from scratch, you’ll want to consider construction materials. After all, you want to build a garage that will withstand the elements and last a long time!

That’s why going with metal is the best route for your new garage. Read on to learn about the benefits of building a metal garage on your property!

One of the big benefits of metal is that it will save you money. Best of all, you’ll feel the savings on the front end of the project as well over several decades.

If your budget has strict parameters, you don’t want a project that will balloon into something expensive. When a garage requires expensive materials and a lengthy installation process, you set yourself up for delays and extra costs. Plus you’ll need the help of an architect to piece together a solid building plan.

Metal, including options like steel and aluminum, presents a more cost-effective choice for a new garage. For starters, the minimal construction time with metal reduces the amount of time personnel must be available for installation. Pieces will be cut to size off-site.

Similarly, you won’t need as many garage builders at the site since pre-fabricated pieces are simpler to assemble. Everything will be engineered to fit together perfectly.

You can count on metal to save you money through insulation, too. Metal garages are easier to insulate than garages made from other materials, like wood. You won’t feel the cold air from the outside as easily, saving on heating bills.

You easily could spend over $10,000 to install a modest new wooden garage on your property. The bigger and fancier the wooden garage, the higher that price will climb. But with metal, you can keep your costs under $5,000, if not lower if you purchase a kit and install it yourself.

Don’t overlook the long-term savings, either. Metal offers superior durability, meaning you won’t need to repair or replace it. And the easy construction and maintenance requirements mean you’ll pay less to keep it up over time!

Do you live in a place with strong summer storms or challenging winters? Then you’ll want your new garage to be made of metal. Metal, especially when it’s been coated with a rust-resistant layer, can withstand ice, wind, and anything else thrown its way.

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Metal garages can last several decades, if not more, and metal garages are known for their strength and ability to handle snow. Don’t worry about a weekend blizzard damaging the sturdiness of steel. Additionally, with the right anchors and low profile, you can have a garage that stands up to wind shear and threats of uplift damage, too.

As an extra benefit, you can feel confident that an intruder won’t be able to access a metal structure. The sight alone of a metal structure will be a deterrent. Add some industrial locks and you’ll all but guarantee your garage is safe from the outside world.

With the right garage materials, like metal, you can reduce flammability, too. Cold-formed steel will reduce the likelihood of a fire, keeping you and your belongings safer. Unlike wood, steel is not going to ignite or spur a fire.

With a metal garage, you won’t need to worry about dealing with rotting wood or mold. And as a result, you won’t need to call an exterminator to remove termites that have taken up residence. This cuts down on costs and reduces the wear and tear on your garage.

When you want to create a custom new garage, metal is the ideal choice for the job. You’ll find loads of flexibility and garage builders who are ready to draft blueprints to meet your needs. The metal building options include elements like frames, insulation, and doors or windows.

Go with rolling or overhead doors that can accommodate vehicles of all sizes. Since you won’t need to worry about interior support posts getting in the way, you can design any layout you want. Add an office space, workshop, or special compartment to provide more flexibility.

If you plan to use your garage as a workshop, you’ll want a warm space. You might want to add vapor barrier insulation, for instance, when you build a new metal garage. Doing so will help keep the temperatures more comfortable during chillier months.

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Or perhaps you want windows to let in light or create an aesthetic style that matches other buildings on your property. Whatever your needs are, steel and metal garages can adapt to them. You can create a small structure for your cars, or scale up to house larger equipment on an industrial farm.

Pre-engineered buildings won’t involve as many delays in the garage installation process as wooden structures will. Pieces will be precut to the right sizes for installation, with anchor bolts ready to hold the unit together. What could take weeks with a timber-framed structure can take just a matter of days with metal.

Metal is light and relatively easy to work with, too. This makes transporting the garage materials to your site less of a hassle. You’ll save time and energy, and you might even be able to piece the garage together yourself.

A building-savvy individual could get really fast results and bypass a construction crew. Just recruit a few friends and you can handle the installation without relying on help from professionals. Most precut building kits come with instructions that make installation clear and efficient.

A concrete pad is an optimal site for a metal garage since it can support the structure’s weight. For a DIY installation, you’ll want to work from the outside inward framing the structure first. Once the frame is bolted together, then it’s just a matter of attaching the metal wall sheeting, roof, and trim.

Maintenance Is a Breeze

Compared to other garage materials, metal wins easily when it comes to maintenance. A power washer is the simplest way to tackle cleaning tasks, too. A standard cleaning product plus the pressure of the water should be enough to remove grime.

If you have a wooden garage, you know that it’s a trickier material to keep looking good. All it takes is some chipped paint to expose the raw wood and lead to a host of other problems. To prevent this, you’ll need to repaint often to cover the exposed wood.

But it’s easy to sideline this kind of time-consuming maintenance when you’re already busy. The consequences are dire, however, and they won’t do any favors for a wooden garage’s lifespan. From warping to termites, you’ll have your hands full when you neglect to care for a wooden garage.

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Moisture doesn’t go well with wood, so there’s always a threat that a wooden garage will deteriorate with too much rain. Too much moisture leads to rotting wood and a loss of structural integrity. But with metal, it’s possible to apply an initial coating that prevents rust from forming.

Not only will your metal garage avoid the issues common with wood, but it also will look better. With routine maintenance, you’ll have a sturdy steel structure without physical defects. A gleaming metal garage will add value to your property!

An added perk of going with metal is that you’ll be doing something good for the environment. This might not be an obvious benefit, but the proof is in the process. It’s also true of the materials.

With many other garage materials, a garage company has to use heavy equipment to install the garage on a job site. And piecing together a wooden frame for a garage can be a time-consuming process.

None of this is true of metal, however, leading to a faster installation time. And, by extension, installing a metal garage means less mileage to transport equipment or workers to the job site. As a result, fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted in the process.

The environmental benefits don’t end there, either. Most metal garage materials used today are made up of recycled steel. It’s possible to recycle steel and aluminum, and many scrap yards will buy the old material to repurpose it!

When you’re trying to figure out the right construction materials for your new garage, go with metal. Not only will you end up with an attractive building on your property, but you’ll also end up with a safe and durable building that will stand the test of time. Installation and maintenance will be easy, too!

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