Simple Methods to Grow your Instagram Reach

After Instagram began offering posts on the feeds of an algorithm with the help of an algorithm, there has been a fall in the organic reach of the marketers.

But, it doesn’t mean the same thing applies to you. In fact, it can be the opposite for you.

Here we shall find out the simple methods to use to boost your organic reach on IG:

Know about Instagram algorithm

If you understand the functioning of Instagram algorithm, it will get simpler for you to boost your organic reach in the new algorithmic world. Read on to know how the algorithm can help you rank your content on users’ feed.

1. Know your suitable posting times

Though Instagram makes use of an algorithmic time now, suitable posting hours still holds importance. It may take you a long duration to acknowledge your follower’s activity, but it is essential to post when most of your audience is online.

If you own an Instagram Business Profile, then look at your Instagram Insights and know when your followers are mostly active.

After you have acknowledged your ideal posting period, you can schedule your posts before time to make sure you continuously post top-quality content.

2. Do experiment with content

It is proven that pictures get higher engagement than videos on Instagram. However, in some instances the case may be different. While on average an image may get more likes than videos, but videos get more comments than images.

However, it is not certain whether Instagram algorithm favors likes and comments or either. But, because commenting needs more effort than liking, it is possible that the IG algorithm may favor comments more and rank posts with more comments higher than those with higher likes.

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It was discovered that video watch time drastically increased by over 60 percent in the past 6-months. Hence, it is advisable to experiment with videos to boost your organic reach and engagement.

3. Organize contests or ask questions to boost engagement

Calling for an action is an amazing way to motivate your followers to interact with your posts. Organizing a giveaway competition is a great way to engage your target audience.

Some of the call-to-actions that you can try are:

  • Enter to win by commenting your favorite emoji.
  • Enter by tagging a friend whom you could relate with a posted content.

The giveaway content are helpful in generating more comments than random posts, make sure you at least give a months’ time between two competitions to keep things exciting.

4. Go with user-generated content

Using user-generated content can motivate those users to engage with and share that content. As the algorithm measures users’ relationships when ranking videos, making relationships with your users can make your content rank better on their feeds.

According to a resource, user-generated content is 35% more reliable and 50% more trustworthy in comparison to non-user generated content.

5. Share Instagram stores

According to the 2016 report of State of Social Media, while 63% of the marketers used Instagram, only 15% used Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories holds an essential position on the app- placed above the feed. So, you can stay on top of your followers’ feed and get most of their attention. If your followers check your Stories consistently, which can possibly showcase your Instagram post on their feeds?

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So, Stories also have a role in the algorithmic ranking, possibly the same as the feed algorithmic ranking. So, make sure you create great Stories for higher ranking.

6. Try going live more on Instagram

You can also go live on Instagram and appear at the front of the Stories feed, considering no one else is live at that time.

Social Media evaluators surveyed that the more they went live on Facebook, the higher exposure their non-live content got. If the fans saw their brand more often, they may go to their page to watch their content too.

Seeing your logo above their feed may encourage your followers to visit your profile and check out your posts.

Though live videos have become quite famous, they still aren’t mainstream. Hence, you still have a chance to stand out and offer exceptional content.

7. Make use of Instagram ads

Instagram ads also serve as a means to enhance your organic reach. If you own an Instagram Business Profile, you can advertise your posts in the app.

If the posts have received high engagement from your followers, they will also resonate with the people that you advertise it to.

8. Post less

Re-consider your posting strategy on social media. Remember less is more here! If you really want to connect with your audience, then try sharing one amazing picture rather than 20 mediocre images. Make sure you make a good contribution to your brand so that it enhances engagement from your followers.

9. Make content especially for Instagram

One of the best ways to craft quality content is to make content especially for Instagram. Remember it is a very gigantic visual platform and focuses majorly on photos and videos, rather than texts. Hence, your posts have to be different from Twitter and Facebook.

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For solo content creators, it may be a little challenging to create content specifically for every platform. Cross-posting and reposting stuff from other platforms are quite preferred. But, even if you do so, then make sure you create specific captions for every social media channel.

After you have tailored your content specifically for Instagram, it is expected to drive more engagement.

10. Be an amazing Instagram user

It may sound a little vague, but it is surely one of most important points. Many social media companies claim that Social media algorithms are crafted to motivate original and positive behaviors like sharing, showcasing appreciation, fast answers and more. You may also receive abuse or hacks sometimes.

If you be a genuine Instagram user, it will help you enhance your organic reach with time. It involves:

  • Always post high quality content which is related to your followers.
  • Answer all queries on your posts as soon as possible.
  • Show gratitude to people for commenting on your content
  • Explore other profiles and engage with them to establish a relationship with them.

The major goal of Instagram is to make your users content and allow them to have a great experience. As brands on Instagram, I think there is a lot content creators can do to create exceptional experience for their followers, which will eventually benefit them.