Shopanova Explains Why Email is the Key to a Better Ecommerce Growth Strategy

The means for connecting with potential customers are far and wide these days. Businesses can choose to pay for social media ads, use Google’s tool for paid ads, or even reach out to influencers to sway customers. In order to ensure there’s a high lifetime value, it is important to expand your growth strategy to maximize customers’ website return rate. That’s where direct response marketing through email becomes an invaluable tool because it allows businesses to create a personal relationship with their customers.

When Email is Best Leveraged

Every business has experienced that moment when customers engage with the website, be it through a welcome message or even shopping around, before leaving their cart full. Email allows businesses to follow up with their customers to entice them to revisit the website or the items they have selected. Even if they do not make that first purchase, further engagement with the customer and building a personal relationship with them is one of the most effective ways to scale the business’s brand.

“I just love seeing how email increases the lifetime value of a client that maybe you’ve already acquired through paid ads. Maybe you’ve gone out and done some different customer acquisition activities, and now you have them,” said Robby Switzer, Co-Founder of Shopanova. “There’s so much you can do with your email marketing to just get them to continue purchasing, continue adding value to them and increase the LTV.”

Paid ads that solely focus on Return-On-Ad-Spend for customer acquisition are missing tons of opportunities to create a repeat shopper and make the sale. In order to make the most of email campaigns, it is vital to have a successful email marketing strategy in place. Make no mistake that plenty of businesses have room to improve here.

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Follow these Guidelines for Great Email Marketing

There are certain guidelines or “dos and don’ts” of email marketing that can make or break the growth you could see. One of the most valuable ways to make the most of an email relationship with customers is that you can use the information to improve your paid ads on social media. The data you get from the emails can be used to more specifically target customers and exactly where they are in the process of purchasing.

Even from a step back, using email to build that personal relationship with customers can influence them to take action while you build trust and loyalty to your brand. Brands can utilize the longer format of email to be sure they include the right information, touchpoints, and more.

“The really cool thing about email is, with most email service providers, if you have it set up correctly, you can see how many orders and revenue are generated per email,” says Daniel Stafford, co-founder of Shopanova.

Start by creating a welcome email that gives customers all of the information they need to know to make interacting with the brand easy and efficient. Sharing the business’s values, mission and edge is also important to include. Another must-have for direct response marketing using email is a call to action.

“If your subscriber that is reading your email is ready to take the next step with your business, your brand, whatever – making them go hunt down the information on how to become a customer is putting more work on them, and your job as a marketing professional is to make a customer’s job easier to become a customer,” said Stafford. “The call to action should include easy-to-follow links that allow the shopper or customer to navigate the website, their account, or make a purchase they have considered.”

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Finally, remember to keep the content of the email light and fun. Humor is a great tool for getting shoppers to click on the email and read it as well as further engage with the business. Use humor in the subject line and keep it going at the start of the email.

“I think those are some of my favorites when it actually feels fun and humorous. I really like when people have a good sense of humor in their email marketing,” said Switzer. “Those are the ones that I tend to click on and open. And it actually creates a customer out of me because eventually, I’ve enjoyed it so much that I want to purchase.”

With good use of email marketing and good content, direct response marketing through email can be one of your most valuable assets.

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