SF Back at Work: What to Expect Returning to the Office

As we get back to work after covid-19, how has the world of work changed in our Absence?

The world was brought to a standstill last year as a result of the pandemic. Nobody needs to be reminded of how the working world came to a complete halt, how the economy dipped, or how disruptions in the supply chain coupled with lockdowns say thousands of us left without work.

While we welcomed the opportunity to remember what was important to us, we still needed money for things like food and rent. So it was inevitable that items would have to open up again to let us earn. The world depended on it, and so did the economy.

How has office life changed while we have been away? We investigated to find out.

Office Life has Changed Since 2020

The modern office is different from the one that we left behind. For one thing, being physically present is no longer considered the most critical aspect of working. Instead, the long-speculated satellite office became the new normal, a necessity even, to keep our businesses alive.

Abruptly, our employees went from seeing each other every day to only seeing each other on the internet and through screens. This massive change in mindset showed employers that yes, in fact, we could be trusted to work from home. This cultural explosion has exposed a whole new world of possibilities to millions of people all over the globe. The idea of 9-5 was blown out of the water as a result.

Office life isn’t the same as it once was. With the new guidelines in place, returning to your old office will mean dealing with the public from behind a plastic barrier for your protection. It will mean communicating with your colleagues from behind a facemask, washing your hands, wiping your desk, and cleaning public-facing equipment thoroughly between uses.

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Office life has changed since 2020. The world of work is not what we once knew.

What to Expect when Returning to the Office?

Since we are all returning to work in varying stages, here are some of the things to expect when you get back to work:

  • Stress/Anxiety about returning to shared or coworking space nyc
  • Difficulty focusing because of the strangeness of the environment
  • Strain as you try to deal with a public that doesn’t perhaps follow the rules as they should
  • Relief that things are getting back to normal again
  • Worry that you may be exposed through your colleagues.

How to Make the Transition Back to Office Life Run Smoothly?

If you are an employer or someone who self-manages a mental health condition, easing yourself back to business as usual is better than taking the plunge all at once. Take it easy on yourself, and don’t hold yourself to perfectionist standards. You have lived through a global trauma; it is natural to feel uncertain.

After you have returned to work for a week or two, you will feel your body and mind adapting to this new routine. The fear will fade, and life will return to some degree of normalcy. IF we have another wave? We will cross that bridge when we come to it.