Secret Signs of an Introvert Personality

Being introverted is usually confused with being shy. An introvert is a person in a party who sits by themselves or would rather sit at home alone than attend a party. But this can’t be further from reality. Even that outgoing person can also be an introvert.

According to the Myers-Briggs® Introvert concept, an introvert can utilize extroverted tendencies to adapt to a situation where they need to speak at an important public event. This now gets confusing for most about how you will tell if you are an introvert or extrovert. Well, below are four secret signs of an introverted personality.

1.   You Don’t Open Up to People Easily

Extroverts have no problem jumping into new relationships, making friends, or socializing with strangers. On the other hand, introverts need time to trust new people and take their time before jumping into relationships or having a conversation with a stranger.

They may also have many friends, some very close, but it will still take them longer to open up to them. If this is your character, then you might be secretly introverted.

2.   You are Very Observant

Introverts tend to notice their surroundings more than extroverts. Myers Briggs’s introvert concept says that introverts are overly sensitive and will see and be excessively stimulated by happenings in their surroundings. They will notice the different smells, colors, and interactions happening around them.

3.   You’re Attracted to Extroverts

Are you in a relationship with an extrovert, or are your friends’ extroverts yet you are reserved? This is not unusual as introverts tend to have extroverts as friends or even be in a relationship with one.

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This is usually because, as an introvert, you will find comfort in this group and enjoy their outgoing nature. There is also a sense of security, knowing that your extroverted friends will bail you out of awkward situations. 

4.   You don’t like to be the Center of Conversation

Introverts don’t like to drive conversations or be in the middle of a conversation in a group. They would rather have a side chat with one or two people. Introverts will usually sit at the edge of the sofa or the bench by themselves or talk to one or two people. This is to reduce the number of people they can interact with and make it easy for themselves to make a getaway if need be. If you find yourself doing this on instinct, you might be an introvert.


According to the Myers-Briggs® Introvert concept, introverts tend to reenergize by spending time alone. This is because time spent around others is usually psychologically and mentally draining. Even though it is normal for anyone to want to be alone after a long time around others, introverts tend to do this more often than others. They will usually even ignore calls from their friends to have some alone time. Many people identify themselves as extroverts in this day and age, yet they have introverted personalities. Hopefully, the above signs will help you quickly identify your personality.