Most Common Shoe-Buying Mistake People Make

Every single woman out there who loves shoes made at least one poor choice in the past. You can easily buy a great pair when you are careful and you do the necessary research. But, it is still worth being aware of the most common shoe-buying mistake people make these days. Avoid the very common ones presented below and you will surely end up with a great pair you will definitely love.

This is by far the most common shoe-buying mistake people make these days. Even if you see all the right sizes presented, like with the Hoka One One Shoes Collection, it is still a possibility to make mistakes. You can find the very best pair out there and end up with a horrible experience if the fit is not right. Contrary to what you might think, buying the correct size is very important.

If some time passed since you measured your feet, it is time to do it. It is possible that you have been buying the incorrect size in the past without even knowing it. And your feet might have changed their size in time, maybe due to some health conditions.

Never buy shoes as you think they are going to stretch out. You should also not think about adding pads or wearing thick socks. These shoes will never be comfortable. Just look for another pair since it is much better to do so.

Looking For Shoes At The Wrong Time During The Day

Most people do not know this but feet do swell as time passes during the day. When you shop early in the morning, it is possible you will find an improper fit during the evenings. You want to plan the shoe shopping excursion so it happens during the early evening or late afternoon.

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Sacrificing Comfort To Be Stylish

We are all at least once guilty of simply splurging because a pair is stunning but comfort is definitely not a reality. Heels might be too high, the shoe’s body might be narrow, or the pair of shoes might rub on the back of the ankle. Whenever such situations happen, it is important to not make the purchase.

When you wear ill-fitting shoes, you can end up with several foot problems, with bunion pain and blisters being the most common.

Remember the fact that beautiful shoes are not going to do much for you when they just sit in the closet. You want to wear those that really look great, not those that do not fit right. If the fit is wrong, you just end up with shoes that look great and you never actually wear. Eventually, all that is left is a memory-filled with regrets.

Waiting Too Long Until New Shoes Are Bought

The last mistake we should highlight is one that few know. Sometimes, people just do not like shopping for shoes. In other cases, there might be some favorite pairs that are simply loved and you do not want to get rid of.

What you might not be aware of is that the official recommendation is to replace shoes every single year. Sometimes, you need to replace them every 8 months. If you do not do this, shoes will wear out very fast and they will not give you the support feet need. At the end of the day, you buy shoes to be comfortable. But, when they wear out, they simply cannot be comfortable.

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Final Thoughts

It does not really matter how great shoes look. When they are not comfortable, you should not wear them at all. You have to get rid of bad shoes and buy new ones whenever the old ones are starting to be worn. The good news though is that it is impossible not to find a pair you will appreciate because of the comfort offered and because of how it looks.