How to Track Your Kid’s Location on iPhone and Android

Have you ever been in a situation when you ask your kids about their whereabouts, only to receive a wrong answer in return? It’s normal behavior from kids these days. They want more freedom and fewer restrictions from home. However, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to track your kid’s location and keep them safe. Here’s how you can track phone location on iOS and Android. 

In today’s day and age, it’s important to keep track of your kids’ location. Your little one might have left the home for a friend’s birthday party or school prom, and then next thing you know, he/she might be partying in a neighbor state. 

Before you get confused, we aren’t talking about adding a GPS to your daughter’s purse or son’s car. We will mention a dedicated software designed to keep your kid safe in every possible way. 

Allow us to introduce you to FamiSafe for iPhone and Android. Created by well-known developer, Wondershare, FamiSafe is your ultimate parental control app for iPhone and Android. 

What Is FamiSafe? Why Should You Download It?

While Google and Apple have done a commendable job with parental control tools in iOS and Android, it still leaves a lot to desire for a parent to track their kids. 

Here is where FamiSafe jumps in to fill in the gap. The software offers a complete set of tools to protect your little ones from harmful websites, apps, allows you to check their current location, mobile battery status, locate Android phone, and more. 

With a single dashboard, a parent can track their phone, live location, location history, and even set geofencing to create a boundary around a specific location. 

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In short, FamiSafe is much-more than a mere mobile location tracker. You have more than enough reasons to give it a try. Download the app from the link below for your mobile phone. 

How to Use FamiSafe to Track Your Kids Location

Now that you have downloaded the FamiSafe app from App Store or Google Play, let us show you how to set it up from scratch and start tracking your kids’ live location. 

1. Open the FamiSafe app on iPhone or Android. 

2. The app will ask who is going to use this device – Parent or Child. Select Parent.

3. Sign up for the FamiSafe account and from the home screen, you will find instructions to set up and pair with your kids’ phone. 

FamiSafe has a separate app called FamiSafe Jr for kids. You need to install the app on their phone and pair the main with it. Don’t forget to activate location tracking on your kid’s phone so that it can authorize FamiSafe to share your location with you even when the app is not running.

During installation, FamiSafe will ask you to download and install an iOS profile on your kid’s phone. Go through the instructions and set up the iOS profile. 

Once you complete the setup, FamiSafe will unlock all the parental tools for your main device. Here’s how to use FamiSafe as a phone location tracker. 

4. Open FamiSafe on your phone and you will see the live location right from the home screen. Parents can also glance at the remaining battery percentage, when was the location updated last time, and more. 

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Now let us show you how to check real-time location, location history, and add virtual geofencing to track the phone and your kid. 

1. Open the FamiSafe app and go to the Features tab. 

2. Make sure to select your kid’s phone from the above drop-down menu. 

3. Scroll horizontally to the Real-time location tab and you can view the location in real-time. 

4. Move to the Location History tab and check your little one’s detailed location history. You will see a complete location history timeline from the menu. 

5. Scroll to the Geofences tab and add location restriction to your kids’ device. 

You will get instant alerts as soon as your kid enters or leave the Geofences. This is a must-have for parents who don’t want their kids to leave a specific location around home. 

Before you go ahead and dismiss FamiSafe as a mere location tracking app, think again. FamiSafe is much more than that. Let’s take a look at major parent control tools you get with a FamiSafe subscription. 

With the FamiSafe subscription, parents not only enjoy location tracking capabilities but also get powerful tools to manage kids’ phone and consumption habits. Let us take you through major FamiSafe features. 

App Blocker

FamiSafe has a built-in app blocker to block apps on kids’ phones. From the Features tab, select App Block and start blocking apps rated for adults only. 

Set Screen Time Limit

Are you planning to apply some brakes to your son’s device consumption? Use the Screen Time function and add a time limit. You can also select apps that are allowed to use in a specific timeframe. 

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Block Explicit Images

The web is filled with inappropriate and explicit images that shouldn’t be consumed by your little one. You can use FamiSafe’s built-in image recognition algorithm that detects irrelevant pictures on a kids’ phone and send them to a parent’s device. 

Use Web Filter

FamiSafe also allows parents to block certain websites from yourwebsites your kids’ phones. Go to the Web Filter menu in the Features tab and start blocking Adult, Drags, Weapons, Unethical, Gambling, Tobacco, and other websites. 

YouTube Content Detection

Although YouTube has a dedicated YouTube Kids app, your kid might start browsing the regular YouTube app, which is filled with questionable content. You can enable YouTube content detection and set keywords to block on video streaming service. 

Another set of features include a driving report, browser history, activity report, content management, and more. 

FamiSafe Pricing

FamiSafe follows the subscription model. You are looking at paying $10.99 per month or go with the annual plan at $60.99. Interested users can opt for a quarter payment at $20.99. 

FamiSafe has native apps for all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and web. With a FamiSafe subscription, you also get to manage up to 10 devices as a parent. 

Wrapping Up

I want to track my son’s location without knowing him. How do I track his location all the time? The next time, someone asks you such a question, you can point them towards the Wondershare FamiSafe app for iPhone and Android.