How To Compress A Video Without Losing Quality

Wondershare UniConverter is a complete video toolbox to convert, compress, edit videos, burn DVDs and much more from Wondershare. It includes Windows, Mac and online solutions. If you need some quick and simple video solutions, then UniConverter is your best choice.

If you are fond of movies then you are aware of the hard work, research, patience, and most important time that you need to collect your favorite movies and videos over years. If you have created a collection of your favorites then the storage problem emerged as an obstacle in your entertainment. There is no worry about the obstacle because now you can easily compress your video through wondershare UniConverter video compression. The need for video compression also emerges when you want to upload any video to any site and the problem is the duration of the video, you can easily compress the size of the video and upload it.

When you are uploading a compressed video to any site then it takes less internet as compared to other videos and the time needed to upload it, is also very less. As the above-mentioned benefits of compressing files seem to be of utmost importance.

The information about Compression that the user should know

The term video compression stands for reducing the size and duration of the video file by encoding the video. The parameters which affect the video size are bit rate, codec, video resolution, video format, and many others too. There are two types of video compression and you are free to choose any one of them according to your needs and demand of time.

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The two types of video compression are lossless video compression and the other is lossy video compression. The lossless video compression has the best quality of the video after the process of compression while the other lossy video compression has low quality of video after compression. The user can use any of them according to the need of the hour.

A file format usually defines the structure in which the file’s information is stored. When it comes to video files then the size of these is large as they contain large data used to depict the video signal with full accuracy. Wondershare UniConverter is all about compressing, editing, converting videos, burning DVDs, and many more. A wholesome we can say that it is a complete video toolbox.

It is commonly used for editing videos to achieve great results on social media or on the platform for which the video is edited. You can convert your video as it is the best in converting videos with the proper display quality. The main function of wondershare UniConverter is compressing video. You can easily reduce the size of the video and can get the same quality after compressing.

What is the Caveats Video?

Some software can affect the video during compression and will affect the display quality of the video. There are various caveats of using a video compressor on the video by wondershare UniConverter. These caveats mainly involve the sudden facts that occur on the video after it has been compressed. These are the major factors that determine the quality of the video. The quality of compression will affect the type and the quality of the video that has been produced.

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Some software that is other than ours may affect the quality of video after compression. The privacy of the video is still maintained and there is suitable time used for the compression of the video. It is the best UniConverter application that converts most of the formats into the wanted formats of the user.

How to Compress a Video through UniConverter

Through wondershare UniConverter you can easily compress your video by two methods

1. You can compress your video and can get the same quality off display. You can convert it without losing the quality of the video.

2. You can compress your video by changing parameters including video resolution, video converting, bitrate, framerate, size, and many more.

3. You can edit your video by the editing tools includes a watermark, cropping, applying effects, rotating, and many more before compressing your video.

4. This also helps in converting batches. With the help of this, you can compress multiple files in no time.

5. The time for compressing the video is less and you can enjoy the same for more time.

6. The compressed videos can be transferred and uploaded easily on the site and to the person you want as these have small sizes.

There are many more advantages of the wonder share UniConverter video compressor which influences the user to use it at least once.

You can compress your video by two steps very easily

Please add this video:

Step 1. It includes launching a wondershare video compressor and adding a video that you want to compress.

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Step 2. compress your video easily

First, you have to click on the setting icons and then video details will appear on your window.  Move the progress bar to change the file video size and compress the video size. You are free to preview the compressed video for 20 seconds by clicking the preview button given on your window. At last, click the compress button to reduce the size of the video.

How you can compress video in batch on window

Step 1- Same as method one first you have to launch wonder share UniConverter video compressor and add a video

Step 2 – Open the settings icon and compress your video. You can preview your compressed video for 20 seconds by clicking the preview button displayed on your popup window.

Step 3 – customize your setting to reduce your video

Part 4 – advantages of using UniConverter video compression


Wondershare video compressor helps you to compress multiple files in very little time without losing the quality of the video. You can easily compress your video through this as this is the best to reduce the duration and size of the video. As this compresses video files in no time you can present your video on time and get great results. This assists in gaining the confidence back by compressing video with good quality display.  It works better than every other competitor and everyone is now shifting their attention to it.