A Guide to Improving Focus When Reading to Understand

Have you ever come across a nice piece of an article only to lose interest after a few minutes of reading? Do you always find your mind wandering away when you want to focus on something? It is normal to be inattentive when reading something, especially when you want to understand what it is about. If you are reading this article, you probably want to know how you can increase your concentration and remain focused when reading something. When people are reading to understand, they use various means like highlighting the main points or using a concept map to break down ideas. Whichever method you prefer, you can always stay focused if you wish to. Here is a simple guide to help you improve your focus.

Find What Makes You Flow

Sometimes you get engaged into doing something such that you no longer realize how quickly time flies. If you have been in this moment, you get to do whatever you are doing peacefully. You focus on the task and its challenges, and at this moment, you can easily complete one task at a time. After you are done with whatever you were doing, you might still have that energy and urge to continue doing something else. Now, this is when you should take the chance. Get what makes you focus more and use it to find your focus.

Manage the Way you Surf the Internet

You don’t have to turn off the Internet because you might be needing it for research. However, you need to know how you will manage it if you don’t want to lose focus. The moment you open multiple tasks, your mind tends to keep going over them from time to time. The best way to do your research the right way is by opening a tab, going through its contents, and closing it before you open another tab. Make sure you get the information you need from the tab before you close it.

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Turn Off your Phone or Keep It in Silent Mode

Distractions like notification messages or the urge to check your phone will only make you lose focus. People have this obsessive nature of wanting to check their phones from time to time when doing something else. If you want to concentrate well, make sure your phone is off. You can also turn it into silent mode and keep it far away from where you are.

Build Focus With your Favorite Things

The main reason why people don’t focus well might be because they dread the task at hand. Maybe it is not fun, or it could be challenging for them. The best way to bring back your focus is by starting with something you like. Set a specific time and increase it by 2 minutes every day. Try any task that will require you to focus but don’t attach any negative feelings towards it. This is the best way of training your brain to focus.

The Takeaway!

Losing focus is normal, especially when the task is not fun or challenging. However, you can always apply the tips mentioned above if you want to increase your concentration. Don’t be negative towards the task, and always stay away from distractions.